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reinvigorate v : impart vigor, strength, or vitality to; "Exercise is invigorating" [syn: invigorate]

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  1. To give new life, energy or strength to someone or something; to revitalize

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thumb|250px|right|Reinvigorate teaser images Reinvigorate was a free Flash-based statistics package that debuted several years ago and subsequently closed down. It reappeared in January 2007 with a teaser page, inviting users to sign up for a beta account. The interface is no longer powered by Flash and the design of the package is of a high standard; this puts it in a prime position to compete with Mint over the designer and blogger market, which is often put off by the poor design and convoluted layouts seen in most statistics software.
Testimonials from those who've used the software in its beta state claim that Reinvigorate covers a particularly rich scope of data when tracking users, including their .NET status and the type of processor in their computers. In addition, the interface is said to be very well laid out, making browsing of the statistics an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

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Reinvigorate is a hosted service, which means there're no plans to allow users to install it on their own servers. Statistics are gathered via a JavaScript include on each page much in the same vein as Mint; this will likely be an advertised point of the software as it eliminates referrer spam from bots with pretty much 100% efficacy due to their inability to process the JavaScript. The project is hosted by Media Temple.
Again drawing a parallel to Shaun Inman's Mint statistics package, Reinvigorate is developed solely by one person who is coincidentally named Sean. This is one reason for the software having been offline for a couple of years whilst the new version was developed.
Reinvigorate is to relaunch as completely free software...
Reinvigorate is newly positioned to join the Web 2.0 statistics market currently occupied by Mint, W3Counter, FeedBurner, and Measure Map.
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